Friday, April 25, 2014

Beware of Salesmen Promising IRS Tax Debt Resolutions - Pennies on the Dollar

Sales boiler room not best for choosing tax help pro.

Talk directly to an IRS Enrolled Agent!

This is not a knock on salesmen.  I am one, and it is an honored profession . . . at least most of the time.  If I need to buy a bike or a house, there is much to be said for having a professional sales person helping you through the process.  

However, when I am hiring someone for complicated, threatening, and sensitive professional services, I want to talk to the person who is personally delivering those services, not a sales person trying to sell me something.   

Specifically in the tax resolution services business there have been many companies that have become quite well know for TV pitchmen and call center salesmen.  When you hear that smooth talker tell how they will talk the IRS into reducing your tax debt to just “pennies on the dollar,” it is understandable that the hope sounds worth exploring. 

The truth is that just as many of those companies go out of business as start in business every year.  Why, because the hope they are selling is not for every tax debt and in fact, very few qualify for the “pennies on the dollar” solution.   Moreover those companies took your money after a sales pitch, and then did very little to help the client, much less deliver on their pennies on the dollar claim.   Listen to those company names.  Seriously?  Research how long the company has been in business.  Then look for a representative like you would an attorney or accountant.  You know, where their name is on the door for everyone to see.

You see, the IRS does offer something called the Offer in Compromise, which can potentially allow you to drastically reduce your outstanding tax debt.   However, the process is  expensive, can take months or even years to get an answer, and only a very few taxpayers qualify for that kind of relief.  When you talk directly to Mike Montano, EA or Jim Demetriou, EA, you are going to get the straight scoop as to whether you have any chance of qualifying for an Offer in Compromise.  They will also be very upfront with you about the costs and the risks of even applying.  

When you are trying to decide who will help you put together a workable solution for you tax debt issues, go with a company where you speak to the professional that will get the job done, not with a salesman who is just in it for the commission.  

Do you owe at least $20,000 to the IRS right now?  Pick up the phone and ask for Jim Demetriou or Mike Montano, and let’s get the ball rolling on a solution that will be perfect for your unique circumstances.   888-987-1040

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