Monday, April 21, 2014

Nothing Beats Experience When Choosing a Tax Debt Resolution Company

How to select a lasik eye surgeon or a tax resolution service

I have been considering getting lasik eye surgery, but have to admit that I am not that excited at the thought of having someone cut into my eye.  As I read various advertisements or watched commercials about lasik, the information that seems to penetrate my heart the most about selecting the right doctor is "over 10,000 surgeries completed."  There is great comfort in knowing that the surgeon has done this so often that he or she is prepared for any contingency and has honed their skill to a fine edge.  

Contemplating surgery on my tax debt is not that different.  I dread the idea.  The potential for disaster with the slightest slip is huge.  You need to be able to put trust in a practitioner who is going to give you the best  outcome possible.  The best way to be confident you have the best representation for the job is to hire the one who has the most experience.  That way you can have the comfort of knowing that you are dealing with someone who has seen it all, who has all the skills needed to bring you peace of mind. 

Demetriou, Montano and Associates has been helping their clients with complex tax issues for 25 years.  Prior to that, both Jim Demetriou and Mike Montano worked for the IRS enforced collection unit learning and implementing every policy, practice and procedure used by the IRS to collect taxes.  The key to their success is their personal involvement with every client and by interacting with the IRS collection function every day to implement every possible option available to clients for resolving tax debt issues.  

  •  You would not do lasik eye surgery on yourself!
  •  You would not select an eye surgeon based on a great sales pitch!
  •  You probably don't want the lowest cost doctor for any surgery!
Go with experience when you select a professional to do important and complex work.  If you owe more than $20,000 in tax debt, call Demetriou, Montano and Associates now and speak with a partner about your situation.  888-987-1040

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