Thursday, May 8, 2014

Choose Your Tax Resolution Company Carefully – Reputation Matters

Many fly-by-night IRS tax debt help companies close down

If you are dealing with tax debt problems, the last thing you need is for the company you hire to help resolve those issues turn out to be a fraud.  Unfortunately, many unscrupulous players have taken the money of folks who were already under stress, and then failed to perform.
We have already mentioned some of the ways for you to judge the services of various companies who are in the business of helping you with your tax problems.  You can read in detail about how important experience is here.  We suggest that you talk to an actual Enrolled Agent, not a salesman, here.
One more way for you to inform your decision about which company to use is to review the reputation of the choices before you. Where might you get that information.
Look for reviews on Google, Yelp, Linkedin and other review sites.  Check the company’s record with the BBB.  Find out if they have worked with others in the tax industry who have endorsed their work.   You should determine how long they have been in the business of representing people before the IRS.  Those who are dishonest in this business tend to get found out.  Finally, if you call the business, are you talking to a sales person or are you talking to someone licensed to help?
Demetriou, Montano, and Associates has been in business since 1989. Both Jim Demetriou EA and Mike Montano EA worked for the IRS enforced collection unit learning and implementing every policy, practice and procedure used by the IRS to collect taxes. 
DM&A routinely receive referrals from other EAs, CPAs, attorneys, even TAX attorneys because they have come to rely on DM&A for their long experience of negotiating with the IRS. Some of these have provided testimonials on the website here.  One example would be:

"Over the years I have referred a large number of people to DM&A for assistance, including many lawyers, doctors and other professionals who had unique tax problems.   These individuals had problems with delinquent taxes, others were levied by the IRS or their business was facing seizure.   Many had not filed tax returns for several years.   I have never seen DM&A fail in their efforts on behalf of these individuals.   Their expertise is so unique that I referred my own CPA to them when he had a very troublesome matter with the IRS.   When all seems lost...  when it looks as if there is no way out...   I insist that my friends and clients go to Demetriou, Montano & Associates.   Their name ought to be "Houdini & Associates."

                                                                                                                     THEODORE COHEN, ESQ.
                                                                                                                                       Attorney at Law

The Better Business Bureau has rated the company A-. The BBB website goes on to say that the rating is based on a lack of information.  You see, after 25 years in business, not a single individual has ever made any type of report with the BBB.

You might want to read the rest of this review found onYelp. We’ve given you a brief excerpt:
“I got that dreaded letter from the IRS on July 20, 2010: "Your federal income tax return for the year shown above has been selected at random for a compliance research evaluation."  Que that sound of a needle being ripped off a record.

Even though my records are clean and in order, I was scared.  My own (now former) accountant assured me, "I'll be there for you all the way, man!"  In the intervening weeks leading to my appointment at the IRS office it became clear to me that, not only was my accountant not going to be there for me, he was doing a full disappearing act.  I was being left alone to face the monster.

56 hours before the meeting, and not knowing if I was preparing anything correctly, I called that tax master firm that advertises on the radio.  I got some hardcore salesguy in a boiler room in Texas who, after taking in what info I was able to give him over the phone, came back with a fee of  $9875 to get me through my audit.  My mind was spinning …

The next morning, it occurred to me to call a more local tax rep that I'd heard of on the radio - Demetriou, Montano, and Associates.  I called at 8:30 and Jim Demetriou answered the phone - my blood pressure started to go down.  We talked for about half an hour, he was very calm, straightforward, and professional.  …

I strongly recommend Demetriou, Montano, and Associates.  Being audited, even when your records are in fairly good order, is a rotten experience, mostly because of the unknown factors: You're dealing w/ a huge powerful federal agency with a massive sense of entitlement that knows it's pretty much a law unto itself.  The whole thing is a miserable experience, so get qualified professional help from DMA.”
When the dreaded letter comes, call a company who has a reputation for being straight forward, professional, and can do. Do you owe at least $20,000 to the IRS right now?  Pick up the phone and ask for Jim Demetriou or Mike Montano, and let’s get the ball rolling on a solution that will be perfect for your unique circumstances.   888-987-1040